Enhanced Web Page Adaptation




Because of the javascript engine are really better on Opera and Google Chrome, we recommend you to use it for better performances

Setting up your preferences

You can access to EWPA parameters by clicking on the extension icon . This icon is located in the extension bar on you browser (generaly on top right corner). In the opened panel you can adjust parameters for brightness contrast and degradation threhold.

On top of the configuration panel there is a button to enable or disable the complete extension.

When configuration panel is closed, the configuration is automatically saved

Contrast setting

This represent the minimal brightness contrast you would like to obtain after adaptation. This level is set in percentage, where 0% means no changes and 100% reprensent the maximal possible contrast (white vs black)

Color deviation

The color deviation setting represent your tolerence about how much the color might be changed after adaptation regarding original color. Your can chosse between 3 levels. From "low" that reprensent a very low deviation to "important" that represent a high deviation tolerence.

Important note

More the contrast level is important and more the deviation tolerence is importante, more the computation will be difficult and take a long time.