Web Iris

Take care of your eyes! Adjust Web pages to your sight.

Using Web Iris

You can access to EWPA parameters by clicking on the extension icon . This icon is located in the extension bar on you browser (generaly on top right corner). In the opened panel you can choose and adjust options to your needs

Enable or disable plugin

On top right corner of the configuration panel there's the main button allowing you tu fully enable or disable plugin.
Disable plugin does not change your préférences. Thus plugin stay ready to adapt pages as soon as plugin is enabled

Shortcut: ctrl + alt + E

Setting up your preferences

Modifications are automatically saved along they are made.

Contrast between text and background

This represent the minimal brightness contrast you would like to obtain after adaptation. At 0% no changes will occur, while at 100% will give you the maximum brightness contrast (black on white or white on black)

Shortcut: ctrl + alt + + et ctrl + alt + -

Color theme

You can choose to use a light or dark theme. Light theme will mainly moves colors to white, when dark theme will mainly moves colors to black


This option gives you shortcuts to use native browser zoom. Zoom level can be adjusted differently between pages.

Shortcut: ctrl + + et ctrl + -

Minimum and maximum font size

You can choose to use a minimum font size. In this case, if a web page contains texts smaller than the selected font size, all sizes will be increased in order to keep differences between them.

If you choose tu use a maximum font size, behavior will be the opposit. All font sizes will be reduced in order to keep differences between them.

If you use both, all font sizes will be scaled between minimum and maximum.

Increase images contrast

This option allows you to increase the contraste of all images in web pages.

Hide background image

This option allows you hide all background images. Background images should not vehicle information and can reduce readability.